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Edited by: Matilde Casaglia – Online Editor – Art and Culture Department – matilde.casaglia@positive-magazine.com
By – [arthur-frank] First Editions

[arthur-frank] First Editions has announced the launch of the third volume of If You Leave. The presentation of the book will be accompanied by a selection of 10 prints from the collection and will be presented alongside Volumes I&II at Mother in London on the 5th of December.

If you leave features 96 young photographers from all over the planet.
Curated by Laurence Tarquin von Thomas, the collection of pieces started in November 2009.

[arthur-frank] First Editions aims to publish screen-to-print projects by looking at online content on blogs, apps and other multimedia platforms. The intent is to publish this material as a printed matter.

It all started with the first project of If you Leave as a limited publication of the photography blog, then followed by a second publication distrubuted in London, Paris and New York. As a blog, If you leave features over 400 photographers with over 100K followers.
The collection featured on the book covers themes such as loneliness and desolation. Representation of silent idioms, landscapes, objects and subjects.

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