Casa Blanca, Competition For New Sustainable Market Square

Edited by: Eugenia Gotti – Architecture Department Editor –

Where : Casa Blanca

Artworks: Competition for a new Sustainable Market Square

Published this week the results of the Idea Competition issued by Architectural Competition
Concours d’Architecture for the design of the new sustainable market square, Casa Blanca.

The site is situated right next to the Medina and in consequence interwoven with the indispensable social and economic structures of the Old City.

The Structure had to cover the site, protecting users and goods from elements such as sun and rain. The structure could be independent or connected to existing surrounding buildings and the created market space had to be distributed into 5 specific zones – Meat; Fish & Sea food; Fruit & Vegetable; Flowers and Spices. These should be allocated or partitioned by stalls (removable or fixed). This were the project’s data.

The winner are the netherlands team composed by Tom Van Odijk ,Alexine Sammut and David Baars with a shape of canopy refers to nature, providing shade and shelter like tree.The overlapping of the canopiy-leaves ensures the clading drain of the rainwater and allows air circulation.

 Second Prize for Monique Bastos Nunes Hervé ,Pierre-Henri Baudar and Guillermo Lumbreras form France. The project talk about and architecture “that revels in being discovered bit by bit, by each element, each sculpture, each shadow, each angle…”

Third prize for another french team composed by Florent Chagny , Soufia Louzir ,Thomas Sponti , Florian Chazeau.

The high level, together withthe different originsof the participantsmadethis contestan interestingmirror of thecurrent trend.



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