Rachel Whiteread

WhitechapelGallery in London is proud to announce that the sixth artist to win the Art Icon award 2019 is Rachel Whiteread, with her unique sculptures.
Ana Luisa Matos

Ana Luisa Matos’ work focuses on the concept of home and identity. Her most recent series, No Place To Lay My Head, explores her relationship with her home country.

Due to the bi-annual architecture exhibition in Venice, Spazio Ridotto and Zuecca Project are presenting ReConstructo - Rebuilding Mexico, a project curated by Luis Carbonell and Andres Souto. 

Picfair is the revolutionary new image library and it is seeking a new generation of female photographers to share their perspectives on the world.

The installation Speaking of Home will be public from September 27, 2017 to March 8, 2018, in four pedestri-an bridges over 6th & Minnesota Streets connected to four private properties, US Bank Center, Securian Building, Alliance Bank, and Town Square.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has sponsored an international design competition with the purpose to create an architecture project for the National Museum of World Writing, in Korea. 

Starting on the 9th November until the 23rd December, at Galerie Thierry Bigaignon in Paris, Amélie Labourdette will debut with her first solo exhibition, Empire of Dust.

What role architectural expertise can play in a forensic legal analysis? Architecture as Evidence, the exhibition opened yesterday at the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montréal, explores the role of architectural expertise in a forensic legal analysis of evidence presented at a trial concerning Auschwitz. The exhibition, curated by Anne Bordeleau, Sascha Hastings, Donald McKay, […]

Between the 7th and the 8th of April, at the IUAV University (Venice Architecture University), took place a 2 days conference about the future of Syria, in therm of possible scenarios of reconstruction after the end of the war. Even if the conflict is still taking place and the country is living in a full […]
architecture, AB House, built architecture, Barcelona, Spain

Studio: built architecture Architects: Diana Carbonell, Jaime Batlle, Victor Alavedra Team: Ignacio Arizu, Jennifer Álvarez All photos by © Eugeni Pons   An historic building, an apartment suspended in time, the architecture that brings it back to life and drags it into a new dimension. A perfect setting, an extraordinary background to life flowing, to poetry […]