ReConstructo – Rebuilding Mexico in Venice

Due to the bi-annual architecture exhibition in Venice, Spazio Ridotto and Zuecca Project are presenting ReConstructo – Rebuilding Mexico, a project curated by Luis Carbonell and Andres Souto. 
Terremoto en México – photo credits to Germán Gutiérrez []

Due to the bi-annual architecture exhibition in Venice, Spazio Ridotto and Zuecca Projects are presenting ReConstructo – Rebuilding Mexico, a project curated by Luis Carbonell and Andres Souto

This project is a multifaceted exhibition that presents two simultaneous and overlapping readings of the actions of destruction and construction produced by earthquakes in Mexico. On one hand, you have a general presentation of the facts, an informative piece of what happened during and after the earthquake. On the other hand, at the same time, you have a sensitive representation on the subject: videos, projects and installations from renowned Mexican architects, institutions and artists that relate with destructive and reconstructive of the physical environment.

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An earthquake is a force so powerful responsible for over 10,000 deaths each year by the collapse of our built environment. The damage is material, the loss is physical and that is because we belong to the realm of the concrete. Making evident our mundane dependence and attachment to the constrained surface of the constructed world.

After the loss of the material hosting habitat the immediate response is Re Construction. Rebuilding what was lost, reclaiming our territory, reassuring our existence in an always dynamic and threatening place.

However, the concept of ReConstruction can be deceiving or maybe confusing, yes in a moment of tragedy, of immediate reaction to a recent cathartic event that literally shook millions of people’s lives, it can be presented as a positive set of actions to restore order.

Arch. Luis Carbonell


This project starts from the devastating effects of this natural disaster and the reaction of the population and of Mexican artists and architectures, beginning aid projects for the reconstruction of the city. Many of the projects were born with the aim of assisting the affected communities. Some of them are lead by architects such as Manuel Cervantes – CC Arquitectos; Julio Gaeta and Luby Springall – Gaeta Springall Arquitectos; Mariana Ordoñez and Jessica Amescua – Comunal Taller; Luis Carbonell and Andres Souto – MUCHO / TDPD; Jose Amozurrutia and Carlos Facio – TO Arquitectos; Paul Curuchet and Luciana de la Garza – Estudio Atemporal; Juan Casillas – Laboratorio de Arquitectura Básica; Maruicio Guerrero, Luis David Arredondo, Rodrigo Escobedo, Alejandro Gutiérrez – La Metropolitana; just to name a few. These architects are participating in this collective show of efforts and social driven architectural projects.

Throughout this exhibition works by Adela Goldbard, Andres Souto, Carlos Iván, Fernando Ocaña, Jerónimo Reyes Retana, Julieta Gil, Karen Rodriguez, Miguel Angel Salazar, Nestor Jimenez, Isauro Huizar, Sofia Garfias and Sumie García will be showcased during the calendar of activities. There will also be a web platform with all the architecture projects, institutions and organizations related to the reconstruction, archiving all the contents related to the exhibition too.

Luis Carbonell and Andres Souto work for a multidisciplinary and multilayered practice in Mexico City, engaging within the wide spectrum of architecture, design and art. Their individual profiles combine together, producing work that goes from creative design in the architectural field to a more conceptual field of research and art production. They have also been actively involved in the efforts of reconstruction and social aid, working with communities in Chiapas, the south of Mexico.


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