Due to the bi-annual architecture exhibition in Venice, Spazio Ridotto and Zuecca Project are presenting ReConstructo - Rebuilding Mexico, a project curated by Luis Carbonell and Andres Souto. 

Edited by: Enrico Mancini Where: Triennale di Milano Architecture: Cibic Workshop and Comodo Proofreading: Bianca Baroni     Living in a society means living under rules, but if you don’t respect those rules, you’ll probably end up living in a 2,7 x 4 meters cell. Then, if we’re talking about Italy’s penitentiary system, you […]

Edited by: Lorenzo Pentasuglia – Guest Editor – @archifetish Translation assistant: Martina Sganga Photo by: Davide Maria Palusa – Michele Radoslovich  Where : Trieste, Galleria d’arte moderna Revoltella Events: Piazza dell’Architettura The second edition of “Piazza dell’Architettura”, an event that in 2010 led more than 5000 people to visit the exhibitions, has just ended.The “Piazza”, […]