Sabina Hannila photographic project: Dreams of Change.

edit by: Tobia Piatto (

photo by: Sabina Hannila

Sabina Hannila is a Swedish photographer who currently lives  and study at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham. After the University she wants to be a photojournalist exploring people and their personal stories.

Photographic project explain:

In the 1500s, a man called Nostradamus was born in France. He predicated that in the year of 2012 the earth and the life would be destroyed  by a comet. This was backed up by the Maya peolpe and their Long Count Calendar, wich ends in the year 2012. It was never started, however, in their calendar that the world is  going to end completely, but that world as we know it now will come  to an end and a new beginning shall take form. Peolpe have interpreted this in many ways, and the most popular one is that of the Apocalypse; this has also been backed  up by scientists that claim that a magnetic pole shift is about to happen around this time this year., wich will cause massive earthquake  and tsunamis all over the world.  People around the world are preparing for the Apocalypse by building bunkers and stocking up food as well as collecting survival gear. There is one group of people, however, that has taken these predictions in a slightly different manner. The Lightwalkers are a universal group of people who believe that 2012 is the year for positive change in humanity:”we will be enlightened rather than extinguished”. They believe that they were chosen, before birth, to save humanity from all its fears by, during the time of sleep, let their spirits leave their earthly bodies and travel up to our universe and together send positive thoughts through space. By doing  so they hope to create positive energy rather than negative, and therefore awaken people’s spiritual self.

“We are the family of the new Earth”

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