The sun also shines in Finland, but it comes to the country in a strange way. Unexpectedly, the spring sun fills the forests, cities and the minds of people in a matter of days. People squint their eyes in an euphoric disbelief. The happiness of the days filled with light are only shadowed by the dimming future. As soon as the people get attached to the mellow sun, without a warning, it goes down the Baltic Sea and decides to stay there. It only takes a few peeks behind the grey cloud mass, if even that.

The trust that the sun will be back with its past powers to Finland is slowly depleting. The sociopolitical situation brings a tension that is eating people’s trust and honesty to one another. As the people who reach for adulthood in a situation when pessimism and sceptical views to the future are applied, two powers of change occur in a simultaneous flow. You are supposed to grow out of youth times quickly as possible, because the country needs you, the society needs results. Nobody knows what to do with their lives or what is going to happen in the upcoming time, but in spite of that they say its important to do something, to be productive, to be an adult, to take responsibility. Reaching for productivity and progress in a situation where you don’t know what you want is like a dog trying to catch its own tail. It might please someone, but is really of no use.”

About the author:
Tuomas Lehtomaa
was born in 1994. He currently studies graphic design and photography in Budapest, but is originally from Turku, Finland.

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