Looking for A dream explores the true meaning of the American Dream, always suspended between desire and reality, illusion and disappointment, hope and success, between present and future. Living in America means living a suspended reality, sometimes far from the daily life you were used to coming from somewhere else in the world but deeply metaphorical […]

Team (gallery, inc.) will present a solo show of new work by American artist Ryan McGinley as our entry at the second annual edition of FRIEZE NEW YORK. The city's premiere fair of contemporary art will run from 10 through 13 May 2013 on Randall's Island. Team will be located at stand number C4.

Yemen is definitely on the brink. An unknown, opaque, mysterious country which has had a very complicated evolution since the very beginning. This hapless place has been stigmatized as one of the ultimate nest of  Islamic terrorism, which makes such an enormous contrast given the warm and welcoming Yemeni people. Unexplored, scary, and physically breathtaking, Yemen is unique.

Sebastián Utreras (31) is a Chilean photographer

GIovanni De Angelis, I Can Kill You