Heartache of Love


Photography by Néstor Álvarez-Zeballos

Text by Bárbara Oettinger

Edited by Max Hailwood

Make-up by Alison Monte

Models : Giancarlo – Alison

‘The human being knows to some degree the experience of love, being in love, or feeling that they are no longer a separate person but that the two in love are one inseparable being, if they do become one entity. However, this entire beautiful experience comes on the heels of heartbreak most of the time, the loss of that infatuation which made ​​us both walk in the clouds and the emotional consequences that are inherent after the separation.

This series of photographs presented by  the Chilean Photographer Néstor Álvarez- Zeballos tells the story of love and heartbreak, the pain of loving and separation: heartrending images of two lovers lost in time, where the memory still lingers.”


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Artificial Nature by Cynthia Nudel

Artificial Nature by Cynthia Nudel


Shades of grey.

Shades of grey.


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