AJAP, The Albums Of Youth Architects And Landscape designers in Paris

Edited by: Eugenia Gotti – Architecture Department Editor – eugenia.gotti@positive-magazine.com

Where : Paris, Trocadero, citè de l’architecture & du patrimoine

Exhibition: AJAP, les albums des jeunes architects et des paysagistes 2012

17 teams, composed of 26 architects and 6 landscape designers under 35 years old, are exposed in the Trocadero, Paris.

They were proclaimed prizewinners of the 2012 session. A committee of experts took the trouble or examine the 242 submission that were received by the Ministry of Culture and Communication .

 All the participants have in common to have studied in one of the french architecture schools. On show, among others, projects of Cigue, Pan architecture,Mu and Visible, based in Paris.

Plomberie cosmetique, a project by Cigue for a new store in the Marais. Taking its inspiration from the bygone hardware stores in the neighbour4hood, the merchandising of 24 sqm stall cleverly turns a whole range of different size steel caps into a skin or into small dishes to hold the products, even into planters.

Accueil Atipique, by PAN Architecture, is built on the north-eastern outskirts of Aix-en-Provence on a sloping plot in one of the most sensitive landscape context. A thick L-shaped wall houses all the exterior facilities and controls the access to the bathroom for people with reduced mobility and the guard’s station.

Presented on the exhibition also competition and diploma projects, like the library Eculeils et recueils malouins, by Visible. A participatory library in which the labyrinthine library imagined by Umberto Eco in The Name of the Rose is hinted at. Only accessible at low tide, like the letter of the alphabet “seem it have been chaotically washed up on the beach after raging storm, like sharp coral reefs”.

This exhibition is an excellent example of the attention to young people and architecture from French institutions (citè de l’architecture & du patrimoine), which was able to organize a look at the contemporary world.

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