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photos by Stefano Pola

Stefano Pola is a 31-year-old photographer from Modena, currently living in Finale Emilia, both in Italy. When I came across his photos, I instantly realised he likes to experiment with analog photography. As you’ll see, he shoots different cameras using different films. That’s why his collection is quite wide.

What do you do for living?
I work as a part-time assistant cook, trying to finish writing my graduation thesis in Contemporary history.

What inspires you?
Everyday life.

Which cameras do you have?
I have some (a Mamiya 645, a Kiev 6C, a Nikon F301, a Zenit 122, a Konica Revio Z2, a Voigtländer Vito D Special – that was my father’s camera -, a Leica Mini3…). But the one I’m using most lately is a Konica Lexio 70.

What’s your favourite thing about photography?
Shooting, and looking at my archive in a critical and emotional way. But most of all, walking.

Flickr: Stefano Pola


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