Easter Exhibition at Fabriken
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During the Easter period there’s a lot of exhibitions in Southern Sweden and open studios. People come from all around Northern Sweden to enjoy a better weather and the abundance of art shows. It has become along the years a huge exhibitions place.

After 10 years of Easter shows at Häckeberga Castle, Final gallery inaugurates a brand new place for the Easter exhibitions, the Final Gallery in Bästekille, an ancient Factory with an exhibition hall of approximately 800m2.

Final Gallery was founded in 1997 by Ulf Carlson and operated since 2003 by co-worker Maria Ivansson. The goal is to be an active gallery and show an interesting focus on contemporary art. In addition to the exhibits displayed at the gallery in Malmoe, they organize exhibitions in other locations, such as this one in the factory and participate in art fairs such as the “Affordable Art Fair » in London.”

This year group show is composed by artists working with mixed-media and photography like Pascal Fellonneau, Christer Strömholm, Björn Almviken, Åke Andersson, Elon Arenhill, Åke Arenhill, Carl Gustafsson, Ewa-Mari Johansson, Stig Johansson, Sören Kent, Lena Kriström, Marquet Pasqual, Johan Petterson, Joakim Strömholm, Johan Thunelland.

Pascal Fellonneau also has just finish his solo exhibition “Cold Cold Ground” in Malmoe and in London.
This series of landscapes were shot in Akureyri, the biggest town in northern Iceland. Located approximately 100 kilometers south of the polar circle, in a fjord that opens onto the sea of Greenland, it is isolated and far removed from the capital Reykjavik. The climate in December, the time of the year these images were made, prompts its inhabitants into a domestic retreat.

Some images from this series were first printed to be shown at VHS Fotogalerie in Stuttgart (Germany). Together with photos from the Reykjavik Area series they composed an exhibition called Urbane landschaften Islands (Urban landscapes of Iceland). The exhibition has been shown then at ModernArtCafé Gallery, Lyon (France) within the context of Résonance, OFF of the Biennal of Contemporary Arts and at the Student’s House of the University of Caen (France) during Les Boréales festival.

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