Like a suspended drop

Falke Svatun, Vases, Tumble, Design, Milan Design Week

Like a drop falling from the sky that doesn’t touch the ground, it remains suspended in an other dimension, in an unreal atmosphere that seems to block the gravitational force.

This is the feeling given by the series of vessels designed and created by the Norwegian designer Falke Svatun: these objects have a cut edge that allows them to be placed on shelves or windowsills, partly supported and partly suspended.

Falke Svatun, Vases, Tumble, Design, Milan Design Week

This series of vessels is made of slip-cast stoneware with a matte finish and has been realized in this way in order to merge completely with the flat surface that supports it. The pieces of which the series consists of, however, are designed to be positioned stably also in the centre of a shell, because the two sides of the cut part are perfectly balanced.

The collection is called Tumble and was shown at the exhibition ‘Structure – Norwegian contemporary crafts and design‘, in the Ventura Lambrate district, during the Milan Design Week 2016.

Falke Svatun, Vases, Tumble, Design, Milan Design Week

The aim of the exhibition was to present objects and prototypes from 26 Norwegian designers, underlining the importance of the present and future panorama of the Norwegian design and its potential development.

Falke Svatun, Vases, Tumble, Design, Milan Design Week

Falke Svatun grew up in Åsgårdstrand and graduated at the University of Technology, Sydney, obtaining a BA in Industrial Design in 2011. After various work experiences, he founded his own studio in Oslo in 2014 and he is also a member of Klubben (Norvegian Designers Union).

His simple and minimalist design is focused mostly on the creation of lighting, furniture and objects.

In addition to the Tumble series, in the last two years, he has created other beautiful pieces of design such as Shadow Play (2014), the Chair Synnes and Brass Mirror Series (2015), Aerial (2016). His works have been presented in various shows and exhibitions in Stockholm, Oslo, Milan, Paris and Copenhagen.

Falke Svatun, Vases, Tumble, Design, Milan Design Week



Designer: Falke Svatun

Producer: Prototype

Year: 2016

Photo: Lasse Fløde

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