The concept of KTZ’s spring/summer 16 collection have inspired by the formula 1 cars speeding through track. The moment in time, during innocence, when one can invent their own character and be whomever they want to be. Before the pressures and expectations of society are set upon us, imagination overrules.

At the show, I was sitting behind the bars, literally. There was a ‘cages runway’ where models were protected from attendees with alternate strip lighting and mirrors swaying from the metal fencing, it was quite exciting when I was sat down, but at the same time, very nervous about the whole vibes.

For this collection, the brand took on board with the concept of ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, with layered mixes of unusual industrial materials are abundant such as paper, cardboard rubber, plastic, aluminium, nylon and electrical tape. Architectural fabrics and element of recycling are also prevalent throughout the collection, developing something beautiful and unexpected.  The use of those unusual fabrics giving the collection a feel of ‘freedom of fashion’, but I was really impressed and shocked when the parachute jackets stormed down the runway. It was an interesting ideal with those bright bold colours and prints printed on the jackets.

The paper/cardboard bags were interesting, but not sure how functional they can be under the English weather. The newspaper prints trench coat is an unique and impressive piece of garment of the collection, alongside with those F1 inspired garments. The brand really pushed the recycling theme and translated onto the clothes.

Overall, some pieces of this collection are unique, interesting and exciting, while there are some pieces just did not impress me.


14th June, 2014

Southbank, London

Photo by: Angel Leung

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