C. J. YAO presented her unique and well anticipated SS16 collection ‘3721’ on 21st September during London Fashion Week. The concept of ‘3721’ was inspired by one of the Chinese saying ‘I didn’t think too much into it and just went ahead and did it. The collection is very youthful and simple, a lot denim […]

Belstaff’s SS16 collection is inspired by power of nature beauty and the peacefulness from the sea. This collection combines the ultimate energy from the oceans and the energy is explored through texture, form, colour and silhouette, providing a unique mediation on femininity. The power of nature beauty is to reckoned with, while the femininity comes […]

We continue to highlight the Spring Summer 2016 Milan Fashion Week and we present now the backstage of FAY, shot by our photographer in Milan Chiara Tiraboschi. A series of portrait giving you the idea about what’s going on behind a fashion show, surrounded by beautiful models. The FAY SS16 collection, curated by the 2 […]

Jean-Pierre Braganza presented his latest spring/summer 2016 collection ‘Whiplashed’ at new BFC Show Space for London Fashion Week. The collection is elegant and beautifully combined with plunging neckline, clean simple cuts, geometric prints and pops of colours. Majority of the collection were painted with striking blues, reds and yellows. The material itself seemingly weightless and graceful, especially […]

PAUL COSTELLO presented an extensive collection of what could aptly be described as romantic barbies with a modern twist. With a distinct romantic girly nod to the Sixties. With varieties of mix designs and textures used in ruffled shirts, dropped-bell shirts and sleeves, tailored jackets with unique squared shape pockets, puffy shorts and tiered hemlines in […]

Designer duo Wouter Baartmans and Amber Siegel have created an effortless masculine-style with flourishes of playful innovation for the SS16 collection. Garments of distress create relief and an armour of relevance. The setting for the presentation was based on a motel scene, where lighted cactuses were placed all around the room, creating that North America […]

The concept of KTZ’s spring/summer 16 collection have inspired by the formula 1 cars speeding through track. The moment in time, during innocence, when one can invent their own character and be whomever they want to be. Before the pressures and expectations of society are set upon us, imagination overrules. At the show, I was […]

“I was looking at people who are so natural in their clothing, they think they are blending in, but they’re totally not, there’s a real freedom to it.” James Long described the starting point of his SS16 collection.  The concept of this collection created by James Long was “informally formal dress and the freedom of […]

For Spring Summer 2016, the theme for CMMN SWDN was the interpretation of real life. The vision of the clothes are very simple and casual. The prints was inspired by famous paintings from artists such as Nicolas de Staël, Albert Glizes and Tayeb Metha on vinyl, reworking and distorting the prints, using mixed media, screen […]

For this season, Alex Mullins captured the feeling of ‘All Holidays Ever’ to create this spring/summer collection. The collection is also inspired by stories and environments. The set up of the presentation was interesting with colourful foam maps bundled up and placed all around the room, made you feel like you are in the country […]