PAUL COSTELLO presented an extensive collection of what could aptly be described as romantic barbies with a modern twist. With a distinct romantic girly nod to the Sixties.

With varieties of mix designs and textures used in ruffled shirts, dropped-bell shirts and sleeves, tailored jackets with unique squared shape pockets, puffy shorts and tiered hemlines in varying oversized shift-dresses, jumpsuits, button up shirts and the signature tailored statement sharp coats.  The main highlight of this collection was the ultra-short lengths in light delicate jacquard for a fairly tale ending. Two-tone colourways of bright orange and pastel green with details sliver fabrics, which were played out in oversized skater shirts and dresses, but remaining playful and joyful with the brights colours. Not only all the silhouettes of the SS16 collection were eye-catchy, the accessories such as the white chic packpack and sunglasses were also a must have items for the summer, they are functional and fashionable. The range of colours and details were the hero of the show, with brights, bold and carefully designed embroidery lifting each look. The SS16 collection has definitely made me want to beg summer to come early.

 London Fashion Week – Paul Costelloe SS16
Date: 18th September, 2015
Venue: Cafe Royal Hotel

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