Principality of Monaco (Sponsored)

Photo: Kurt Bauschardt

Not far from Nice there is a little land but full of things you even don’t expect: it’s time to think visit the Principality of Monaco.

Monaco is a city-state or better a microstate that’s located on the beautiful French Riviera with a population of almost 37.000 people.

Photo: Roderick Eime
Photo: Roderick Eime

If you catch a train from Italy and you go all trough the riviera it’s a beautiful trip that you should not miss. Everybody knows for example Monte Carlo, the most populous quartier of the Principality.

In this video we are presenting different testimonials about the Principality of Monaco, explaining what’s so special there and why, at least once in your life is a place to visit. Nico Rosberg, the german F1 racing driver, has been many times there as one of the most important F1 races is the Monaco Grand Prix: in fact since the 1929, every year on the streets of Monaco there are the fastest car in the world running around the circuit, that is narrow and tight with tunnels and super tight corners.

Credit: Nico Rosemberg Flickr Page /
Credit: Nico Rosemberg Flickr Page /

But Monaco is not well known just for the car racing, but also for its amazing restaurants, such as the The Dorchester, owned by the famous french Chef Alain Ducasse, that’s speaking on the video you can find here in this post.

Photo: Bruno Cordioli

But there is much more to speak about on Monaco as it’s full of Museum such as the “Musée Océanographique de Monaco”, art galleries and beautifiul shops to discover: as many knows is one of the richest place in the world. The Casino of Monte Carlo probably is the most famous one, where players from all around the world try to win and dream.

What are you waiting for then? Check the video we have been presenting here and book your ticket: it’s worth a visit.

To know more about the Principality of Monaco click here.

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