Some people speak with words I don’t understand


Maycec is a french photographer and self-publisher who lives and works in Berlin.
Her pictures and zines are a mixture of her work in the fashion world, an alternative culture and her own life.
She works also in Vesselroom Project in Berlin and with Atelier29 in Paris.

She presents a video project about one year retrospective of five photozines in black and white, created from March 2012 until January 2013, including photographs from travel times / a pot pourri of pieces of life / an idea of german details.
This analog video is a 10.24 minutes stop-motion diaporama with music composed especially by Musin.

some people speak with words I don’t understand / maycec from maycec on Vimeo.

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Alex Marcus was born in Majorca

Venice nitelife: WARPED

Venice nitelife: WARPED

April 4th, 2014

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