Far East Channel: A New Destination for Asian Cinema on Prime Video

Discover the captivating world of Asian cinema with Far East Channel on Prime Video Channels. From combat to love stories, explore a wide range of films and enjoy a free 7-day trial.

The world of Asian cinema, with its rich variety of genres and styles, has always fascinated audiences worldwide. Now, thanks to the digital innovation of Prime Video Channels, Italian cinephiles have access to a new temple of Eastern cinema: Far East Channel.

Launched by the distribution house Plaion Pictures, Far East Channel brings to the forefront a wide range of films ranging from no-holds-barred combat to breathtaking thrillers and touching love stories. With a selection that includes both critically acclaimed titles and works of pure entertainment, this channel offers an unmissable showcase for lovers of Asian cinema.

Eastern cinema has experienced a boom in recent years, captivating Italian and international audiences with a series of box office hits and productions that have become true cultural icons. Far East Channel responds to this growing demand for quality content from the Far East, offering a reference point for anyone seeking the best cinematic productions from the region.

The channel’s catalog is already rich with must-see films, ranging from beloved classics to rare gems, and will constantly be enriched with new additions every month. Among the first offerings, standout titles include “Snowpiercer,” the apocalyptic thriller directed by Bong Joon-ho, winner of numerous awards, and “Drive My Car,” winner of the Oscar for Best International Film in 2022.

Action lovers will also find electrifying films like “Hunt” and “Ip Man,” while those in search of strong emotions will appreciate titles such as “Ritratto di famiglia con tempesta” by Hirokazu Kore’eda, a work with dramatic tones exploring family ties.

Starting today, Prime customers have the opportunity to subscribe to the Far East Channel and enjoy its content whenever and wherever they want, via PC, TV, and the dedicated Prime Video app. With a free 7-day trial period and an additional monthly subscription of €6.99, this new destination for Asian cinema is now accessible to everyone, with the flexibility to cancel the subscription at any time.

Far East Channel represents a step forward in offering quality content on Prime Video Channels, offering Italian viewers a unique opportunity to explore the rich panorama of Asian cinema and discover new stories, emotions, and adventures that only Eastern cinema can offer.

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