Berlinale Meets Fußball: Fusion of Film and Football at UEFA EURO 2024

Experience the groundbreaking fusion of cinema and sport at the 74th Berlin International Film Festival with “Berlinale Meets Fußball,” showcasing young footballers’ stories through film.

In a groundbreaking event that melded the worlds of cinema and sport, the 74th Berlin International Film Festival premiered a unique project as part of the cultural programme for the UEFA EURO 2024 championship. Titled “Berlinale Meets Fußball,” the initiative showcased the talents of young footballers from across Germany, highlighting diversity and inclusion through the medium of film.

The centerpiece of the event was the unveiling of “Eleven Tomorrows: Berlinale Meets Fußball,” a compilation film comprising eleven documentary shorts. Produced by students from the University of Television and Film Munich (HFF) under the artistic guidance of Benedetta Films, these films offered intimate portrayals of young football teams, capturing their dreams, struggles, and triumphs.

The world premiere of “Eleven Tomorrows: Berlinale Meets Fußball” took place at the prestigious Haus der Berliner Festspiele on February 21, 2024. Alongside the screening, the Berlinale hosted a series of engaging activities, including panels, workshops, and discussions, aimed at fostering dialogue and understanding within the football community.

One such panel, titled “Meet the Ref,” organized in collaboration with the Philipp Lahm Stiftung, provided a platform for over 100 participants from diverse backgrounds to engage in conversations about respect, cohesion, and tolerance in football. Tim Frohwein from the Philipp Lahm Stiftung hailed the success of the panel, emphasizing football’s role as a catalyst for meaningful discussions.

“The ‘Meet the Ref’ panel in Berlin once again showed that football can be a key to opening up spaces for discussion,” said Frohwein. “It’s encouraging to see that formats like ours also get a stage at a film festival like the Berlinale.”


In addition to the panel discussions, the event featured a “Film Workshop” led by industry professionals Sadek Asseily and Julia Härtel. Participants were given the opportunity to delve into the basics of filmmaking, unleashing their creativity and exploring the intersection of football and storytelling.

Reflecting on the workshop, Asseily remarked, “The Berlinale Meets Fußball film workshop was not just a workshop – it was a firework display of creativity, intensive teamwork, and an impressive demonstration of how diverse and meaningful football can be for people.”

Following its successful premiere in Berlin, “Eleven Tomorrows: Berlinale Meets Fußball” is set to embark on a nationwide tour, with screenings planned in the hometowns of the featured football clubs. The films will also be showcased at other festivals, amplifying the voices of young footballers and spreading the message of diversity and inclusion.

With Kurzfilm Agentur Hamburg handling distribution, the impact of this innovative collaboration between the Berlinale and the football community is poised to resonate far beyond the confines of the cinema, leaving a lasting impression on audiences across Germany and beyond. As the UEFA EURO 2024 championship approaches, “Berlinale Meets Fußball” stands as a testament to the power of art and sport to unite and inspire.

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