New Exhibition “Feels Like Heaven” by Tim Brawner

Discover Tim Brawner’s captivating solo exhibition “Feels Like Heaven” at von ammon co in Washington, DC. Explore art that challenges mortality and desire.

Washington, DC – von ammon co is thrilled to announce the debut of “Feels Like Heaven,” a captivating solo exhibition by American artist Tim Brawner. This marks Brawner’s inaugural solo showcase with von ammon co and represents the gallery’s thirty-first project at its current location.

The collection of works presented in “Feels Like Heaven” offers a diverse ensemble aimed at evoking a sense of perplexing desire. Drawing inspiration from the Late Middle Ages trend of transi, or cadaver monuments, Brawner’s pieces challenge conventional notions of mortality and eternity. These artworks, reminiscent of the putrefied cadavers depicted in cathedrals across Europe, compel viewers to contemplate the preparation of the elite for the afterlife, juxtaposing the impermanence of mortal existence with the sublime transition to the heavens.

Brawner’s dynamic painting style, characterized by its polymorphic nature and unconventional techniques, seamlessly blends elements akin to those found in cosmetic artistry with the aesthetics of fashion magazines and graphic novels. Soft brushstrokes, aerosol shading, and textured pearls converge to create images reminiscent of makeup compacts, challenging traditional notions of artistic expression.

Central to Brawner’s narrative are subjects portrayed in states of ecstasy, satisfaction, or achievement, reminiscent of luxury advertisements. However, these seemingly glamorous depictions are subverted by macabre undertones, with figures joyously engaging in activities despite their desiccated forms or skeletal appearances. Brawner employs these contemporary symbols of desire to prompt deeper reflections on mortality and the pursuit of eternal fulfillment.

In several works, Brawner ventures into the realm of the “cute,” incorporating images of kittens and farm animals alongside traditional symbols of allure. This deliberate juxtaposition confronts the viewer with the commodification of desire and the inherent complexities of aging and mortality, inviting contemplation on the fleeting nature of earthly pursuits.

“Feels Like Heaven” challenges viewers to confront the dichotomy between desire and mortality, inviting them to contemplate the transient nature of existence through a lens of contemporary aesthetics. Brawner’s masterful execution and thought-provoking imagery ensure that this exhibition will leave a lasting impression on all who experience it.

The exhibition will be on view at von ammon co in Washington, DC, offering visitors an opportunity to engage with Brawner’s compelling exploration of desire and eternity.

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