red bull music academy and wahwah club present: nathan fake (live) in Venice

editing and photographs by tobia piatto (



The young genious called Nathan Fake hit Venice on April 30st, with his “no-kind” music live set. The event, presented by Red Bull Music Academy in collaboration with WahWah Club and hosted at the Pop Corn Club (VE),started around 10 pm with the dj set of Utopia-Remote, a sort of warming up set, then was the turn of Painè, dropping some good bombs, and after all, Nathan have started his set.




First of all, two words must be spend about the very good visuals: a mix of shapes and color have matched the music all night long, screened in 2 different structures, one in front of the dj’s and one hanging on the ceiling, allowing people to enjoy a complete show,using hearing and view.



The Nathan’s Fake live set was incredible: a mix of different kind of music, forming a “no-kind”, passing through some idm, a good selection of techno and some “gummy” sound, mixed all thogher; that is why you can’t define what kind of music Nathan have played, and why he is considered one of the most talented dj at the moment, with his fine and energic sound.












Thanks to Pop Corn (VE), WahWah Club and Red Bull Music Academy.

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