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The idea of walking on broken glass got transformed innovatively by the designer Yusuke Seki, when he was approached for the remodeling of Maruhiro, the Flagship store for Hasami Ceramics. Standing on the shoulders of Japanese Hasami ceramics history, Maruhiro is the leading producer of Hasami pottery and porcelain. Named for the region including Hasami, […]
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Erased Heritage is a contemporary rug collection antidotal to the malady of cultural amnesia. Founded by German carpet designer Jan Kath, this eponymous company based in Bochum, has mastered the art of looking simultaneously backward and forward in time. One of his most critically acclaimed carpet collections, Erased Heritage pays homage to the art of traditional oriental […]

Edited by: Online Editor – Art and Culture Department You enter a in a car park on the Upper Ground, London, the sun is shining (even if it’s not sunny the show must go on, so you might as well imagine it’s sunny) and they give you headphones. You put them on and some […]

I realised two things when the festival was nearing its end: Your perception of a fun time changes through your adolescence to early adulthood and sleeping on bedrock is a whole lot comfier when you’re too sloshed to even care that you’re semi-spooning some dude. The former I realised when I was watching Metallica play […]

I arrived at the Roskilde festival two days before the bands started playing. The way the festival works is people start lining up Saturday, getting let in around midnight when the fences are usually broken by the over excited mob. Activities and events start the next day, Sunday, but the 180 bands don’t start playing […]

At time of writing I actually just got home from a festival to pick up these things because I am male and therefore don’t think further than a couple of hours ahead. So this could not get any more real or authentic (so real I had to use two synonyms to describe the amount of […]

  „Fête de la Musique“, initiated in France in 1982, started to develop in Europe in 1985 with European Year of Music. Since 1995, the public and private bodies present have co-organised a European Music Fest, every 21st June, in order to show their will to foster improved knowledge of the current artistic realities in […]

The young genious called Nathan Fake hit Venice on April 30st, with his "no-kind" music live set.

Blossoms are blooming around London, as the spring finally decided to turn up. And not only flowers are blooming in the city. This week a new art centre opened in north London in the premises of a former dairy in Bloomsbury.

The Museum second exhibition presents four galleries centered around the theme: “Where The Instinct Roams”. It will be online until March 31st, 2013, when new one will be presented.