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It seems that brunches are kind of a tradition here in Berlin, and generally in Germany. It is an occasion in which friends tend to meet and catch up about their weekend. Restaurants, cafés and buffets are crowded both Saturday and Sunday between 10:30 and 14:00 offering a special menu for this meal. Eggs, toasts, bagels, marmalade, butter, fruit, wursts… are ingredients that can not be missing.

Since we have arrived to Berlin, we have already been in a couple of places to go out brunching. The first one was SETs, in Wilmersdorf. A very stylish restaurant where you can have breakfast during all day long. Everything was delicious and from excellent quality!  Last weekend we went to A. Horn. And here is our experience.


A. Horn, it’s a “Kaffee, Fahrrad, Lokal”, that is a café and a bicycle shop at the same time. Both businesses are door to door and have been opened only for one year and a half now. In spite of that, it seems to be very popular and we even had to wait to be sited because it was packed! It is located in the west part of Kreuzberg, next to really nice views of the canal. Besides, the decoration of the place makes it so homey and cosy. The cute lights that hang in the terrace, the little candles on the tables, the furniture, the beautiful cups and plates… all these details create a lovely atmosphere.



Not only the place is brilliant, but also the food they serve too. Everything is handmade, so fresh and tasty! Moreover, they offer a wide variety of dishes, from breakfast to lunch, dinner, drinks and cakes. The breakfast menu is composed of both salty and sweet options, such as croissants, fruit, cereals, eggs, bagels… We ordered “Das grosse A. Horn”, which consisted on a big dish full of different cheeses, ham, prosciutto, salad, fruit, marmalade, a boiled egg for each one and then a basket with bagels and other kind of breads. We ate for the whole day! And what’s even better is that it is very affordable!


All in all we spent a wonderful Sunday enjoying delicious food in a really warm and pleasant feel. We are sure we will go back!

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