71st Biennale Venice Film Festival

The last film by Joe Dante at #venezia71 Photo by Alessio Costantino

Photo: Alessio Costantino

James Franco last movie “They sound and the fury”, where is director and actor was presented today at the venie film festival out of the competition. Photos: Alessio Costantino

Photo: Alessio Costantino

Text by Francesco Alò Translation by Bianca Baroni Photo by Alessio Costantino Yesterday night, at 7:30pm, in Sala Darsena, there were mixed feelings towards Sivas by Kaan Müjdeci, shown for the first time. Somebody clapped hands, other hissed, a man shouted something against the screen and then left. Is this the scandal-movie we were waiting […]

Le dernier Coup de Marteau is one of the french movie in competition at Venezia71, directed by Alix Delaporte. Photos by Alessio Costantino

Sivas is the turkish movie in competition for the golden lyon at Venezia71. Here the photos of the red carpet shot by Alessio Costantino

Text by Francesco Alò, in collaboration with badtaste.it Translation by Bianca Baroni The look of Silence, by Joshua Oppenheimer, the brilliant director of The Act of Killing joins the competition at the 71st edition of Venice Film Festival. It can be said that Oppenheimer is back to the crime scene. After The Act of Killing, […]

The last photocall of Roy Andersson film in competition at #venezia71 Photo: Alessio Costantino