72nd Biennale Venice Film Festival

What’s going on behind the Venice Film Festival? We have here a photo gallery by our photographer Eleonora Agostini, with different images she took between the 1st and the 12th of September around the Festival area at the Lido di Venezia. We are looking forward to be at the next edition of the Venice International […]
heart of a dog

The art of video is a audiovisual form which is separated from cinema but, like any other, is linked to it. Cinema and videoart talk to each other and influence each other but it’s is necessary, in order to make the latter become movie, that it bends its head in order to translate its ideas […]
brian de palma

There’s a double bond in documentaries: apart from their make, the concept which creates their base (the way in which the story is told, the author, the period, the cinema era) is engaging and catchy. For their nature, documetarie have both the strenght of epic narrations and the power of the “behind the scenes” kind […]

VENEZIA 72 The Venezia 72 Jury, chaired by Alfonso Cuarón  and comprised of Elizabeth Banks, Emmanuel Carrère, Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Hou Hsiao-hsien, Diane Kruger, Francesco Munzi, Pawel Pawlikowski and Lynne Ramsey having viewed all 21 films in competition, has decided as follows: Golden Lion for Best Film to: DESDE ALLÁ (FROM AFAR) by Lorenzo Vigas (Venezuela, Mexico) […]
11 minutes

11 minutes is the title of the movie and the duration of the story. The same 11 minutes of the life of every person who lives in a little piece of soil in the same big city, everyone has their own life and their problems, that come together in those 11 minutes in the […]

There are bonds that have their basis on blood, an ill sentimentalism that looks for life starting from deaths. This seems to be what The Endless River wants to tell us in its story about a man and a woman that find themselves after their families or partner have been killed. It’s not clear whose […]

If Spring Breakers met Zodiac and Mean Girls and they mixed up a little naively, the final result would be certainly comparable, for atmosphere and suggestion, to Anita Rocha da Silveira’s Mate-me por favor, in Horizons section at the Venice Film Festival. Even though at the beginning it seems to be a sharp thriller, a […]

It’s like a series of jokes, but this time they don’t mock the Carabinieri but the Jewish community that lives in Trastevere, a neighborhood in Rome. That’s where Leonardo Zuliani lives, a brilliant xenophobic and anti-semite activist that died in 2006, leaving his companions, friends and all the extremist crews he knew, upset and without […]

Non essere cattivo begins with an ice cream cone, as an tribute to the most famous scene of Amore Tossico (Toxic Love), the first of the three movies directed by Claudio Caligari, unique and peculiar film-maker, not very prolific (no matter why) but incredibly sharp. Seventeen years after his last movie, it seems that nothing […]

Frederick Wiseman’s movies are like capsules that we should send to the space, as a proof of what is like to live in the Western world nowadays, fiction filters excluded. Many movies tell fake stories which tell true things. Wiseman’s documentaries, while showing real things, try to explain what we have become as a species, […]