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And she definitely is one — Francesca Bonato, the star behind Coqui Coqui. Alongside her partner in crime and soulmate Nicolas Maleville, this dynamic duo keeps the wanderlust souls and adventurous globetrotters dreaming since their first opening way back in Tulum, 2003. “It all started accidentally!” Francesca says after the small house she and Maleville […]

In the middle of the Mediterranean between the sophisticated history of Sicily and the vibrant cultures of North Africa (once the heart of Carthage) lies a tiny volcanic island, Pantelleria.

"TOGETHER" is the theme for this season of ModaLisboa, Europe oldest independent Fashion Week which takes place twice a year after the Paris shows.

Photos by Enrico Costantini Location: Lido of Venice, Italy

Text and Photos by Enrico Costantini “…Then only in the empty spaces, Death, walking very silently, Shall fear the glory of our faces Through all the dark infinity. So, clothed about with perfect love, The eternal end shall find us one, Alone above the Night, above The dust of the dead gods, alone.” When I […]

Photos: Enrico Costantini Model: Iulia @ New York Models Location: Brooklyn, NYC

Photos by Enrico Costantini Models: Federico & Lilia