festival del cinema

It’s not clear who could be part of the audience of a movie like The Woman Who Left, at least outside the Festival and its enthusiastic audience, but maybe it doesn’t matter.

The last film by Joe Dante at #venezia71 Photo by Alessio Costantino

Photo: Alessio Costantino

James Franco last movie “They sound and the fury”, where is director and actor was presented today at the venie film festival out of the competition. Photos: Alessio Costantino

Le dernier Coup de Marteau is one of the french movie in competition at Venezia71, directed by Alix Delaporte. Photos by Alessio Costantino

Text: Francesco Alò – in collaboration with badtaste.it Translation: Bianca Baroni Photos: Alessio Costantino The Al Pacino diptych ends in Antonioni’s Blow Up style… not in London, but in Texas. We have seen him having fun in being humiliated in the fall nonsense The Humbling by Philip Roth. Now, here’s the Godfather of Hollywood, in […]

Text by: Francesco Alò Translation: Bianca Baroni Photo: Alessio Costantino Horrors and mistakes are back at the 71st edition of Venice Film Festival. After Birdman and She’s Funny That Way it’s the turn of another milestone of Hollywood, that with the Bogdanovich of She’s Funny That Way is ready to confirm to be more comfortable […]

Text by Francesco Alò in collaboration with badtaste.it Translation by Bianca Baroni Photo: Alessio Costantino Wasn’t the first season of the tv series Gomorra over? Maybe there was a long line on the Salerno-Reggio Calabria highway. The first italian movie of the competition, directed by Francesco Munzi, seems to be a long episode of that […]