How to photograph Iceland without necessarily representing it for what it is (beautiful)?

Over Seas A photo-documentary about the helpers of Lesbos. Refugees undertake a life-risking journey to the Greek island Lesbos, on which they seek to find some rest before continuing their journey to Europe. It is impossible to ignore the refugee catastrophe in the media. Europe is falling apart while negotiating a strategy to deal with […]

Icelandic landscapes are constantly changing. The volcanism and weather condition due the location of the island just a few miles south of the arctic circle, shaping the face of the island and create new amazing features in any given time. Iceland was an experience I have never had before. Looking through the photos I took, […]

Photos by Leire Galarza This project was realized during my year living on an island in the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by friends, the mountains and the ocean. It was the time during which some changes happened, my hurt got stronger, my senses and perceptions did too; and I decided to change the path I was […]