1.5 or 2 million people: the difference is not so important: the whole world have been demonstrating today against the attack at “Charlie Hebdo” in Paris where 12 people have been killed. A lot of words have been written about this attack: as Magazine we just want to leave some space to our reportage, hoping […]

At least 3000 people demonstrated today in Berlin their solidariety to the victims of the Charlie Hebdo assault in Paris. The demonstration took place in front of the French Embassy in Berlin at 3pm, in Pariser Platz, that is one of the most symbolic and iconic place in Berlin, in front also of the Brandeburger […]

Photos and Text by Vera Mantengoli, reporting from New York City. Washington Square, Greenwich Village. Yesterday, 10/01/2015, at 2pm at least 500 french people living in NYC demonstated in front of the Stanford White Arch, one of the NYC symbols of freedom, their solidariety about what happened in Paris. They have been singing murmuring the […]