The social situation of Kenya's capital, Nairobi,  is not easy, especially in the suburbs and in the shanty towns which experience an intense discomfort.

Box Girls Kenya is an organization that challenges traditional gender stereotypes by teaching boxing to girls and women in Nairobi ́s informal settlements. It is one of very few boxing gyms in Kenya where women are welcomed and the number of members has increased rapidly over the last couple of years.

Kibera, Kenya is one of the largest slums in the world. An estimated 1.2 million people, half of the people that live in Kenyas capital city, Nairobi, live in Kibera. Throughout the six hundred acres of physical dilapidation, people manage to survive. Down every alley is line of small businesses that sustain this world.

I spent a month in Kipini, a fishermen village in Kenya. Throughout the month, I had the opportunity to befriend some of the fishermen. We went fishing together. Because my Kiswahili language skills had its limits, fishing became our means of communication. We sailed together, ate together and pulled nets together. I was invited to […]