After the success in 2016, ART X Lagos has returned for a second edition from the 3rd to the 5th of November, fascinating more than 9000 visitors, for an even more successful year.

The Ghosts and Lanterns series is a story or project that started with the intention of capturing the daily/nightly lives of Nigerians; it attempts to reveal a quieter and more emotional side to Nigerians. Greatly inspired by the Fela Kuti song ‘shuffering and shmiling’, about Africans becoming so consumed by suffering/survival and how religion provides […]

Here we are. We knew it would have arrived sooner or later and now the time is ripe: Corporate are trying to drag up some big money from this “climate changes” hysteria, so they’re pointing-their-pointed-eyes to the fastest growing economies of the third world. Why the third world? Because they’ve already taken the other two.