The Wig is a skatepark located in Detroit, Michigan. The boys are fighting against its destruction, as they want to replace it with a parking area. We have been there to shoot some photos and to support the local crew. We need less parking and more skateparks. If you know other skateparks around the world […]

Photos by Petra Fantozzi As we love skateboarding, we have been to Berlin, after Rome, to document the world Go Skate Day 2015. Our photography editor Petra Fantozzi shot the photos in one of the most famous location in the city center for skating, very close to Warschauer Strasse. Hundreds of skaters have been taking […]

Photos: Giacomo Cosua The 24th of June has been the international skateboard day: skaters all around the globe met to enjoy their favourite sport. We have been in Rome, documenting the #goskateday in the Italian capital, even if in Milan the meeting was much bigger. An amazing spot, under the “Ponte della Musica” (The music […]