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For the international competition dedicated to the project of the National Museum of World Writing, the OS+A studio proposes an incredible structure with a modern and eco-friendly design.

What are the integrity standards of the political class of your own Country? What are your tolerance standards towards all forms of wrongdoing or misconduct? And, how your fellow citizens would feel in discovering that some of you intervened in matters of state without having ever received any public office?

Choi&Lager Gallery recently opened their inaugural exhibition in Seoul, Korea, presenting six new works by emerging British painter Dale Lewis. Since opening their Cologne, Germany space in 2013, founding partners Sunhee Choi and Jari Lager have introduced western audiences to a host of key contemporary artists coming out of Korea. It is with great excitement […]

A new interview on Positive Magazine: this time we found a new photographer fromĀ  South Korea. Yoonski Kim was born in 1985. He graduated as mechanical engineer and after his graduation he has worked in a display company since he was 27. He started getting into photography since he got an Iphone but now he […]