As David Levi Strauss says in Between the eyes: essays on photography and politics “the only safe way to interrupt panic is to slow down things, rely on social interaction to break the circle of irrational fears”(2007). Despite globalization and technological progress, the pervasivity of social media and our virtual ubiquity, one of the biggest […]

Over Seas A photo-documentary about the helpers of Lesbos. Refugees undertake a life-risking journey to the Greek island Lesbos, on which they seek to find some rest before continuing their journey to Europe. It is impossible to ignore the refugee catastrophe in the media. Europe is falling apart while negotiating a strategy to deal with […]

Latina – Text and photos: Gianmarco Lodi Latina 1932,la fondazione,un mito,questa fondazione si è perduta nel tempo. Paolo diceva che la noia e il disappunto in una piccola ed inutile provincia del centro Italia,deve per forza portare alla violenza o all’autodistruzione.