Agldit n Lmaɣrib (MOROCCO‬) 

Marocco, MOROCCO‬
Morocco, 3000 km by car, A roadtrip through the Desert, the Altlas Mountains and the Ocean, driving between no guard rail switchbacks, infinitive straight stretches, flat tires and roads overlooking the sea Departing from Marrakesh with the sun burning your arms through the windshield. trying to reach the big south until the gates of the Western Sahara, and then back, discovering the east and the west part of the country.

Grand Sud Maroc from Going Nowhere Takes Time on Vimeo.

Surrounded by various empty landscapes the car’s engine is the only noise which breaks the silence of the road. Straight to that small border town called Tarfaya, through Akfhenir, and the desolate El Ouatia: this part of the travel requires you many energies due to the Police Checks and guarantee a lot of adventure Kilometers and kilometers of roads, going up the rocky desert chewing dust and counting only the stones.

Suddenly the palm groves, it’s Tata and its beautiful oasis with the sound of streams, and the hidden kasbah between the mountains. The colors of the Dràa Valley, the slow life flow in the Ksour along the way to Ourrzazate. And then the wind in Essaouira. Which comes from the Atlantic Ocean, incessant, as the swarm of gulls and fishermans living in the ancient Medina and its port.

Amir and Brahim, swarms of children along the road; bedouins, berbers, Sawhari. Everybody helping you to discover the country in its authenticity.

Amir – Essaouira from Going Nowhere Takes Time on Vimeo.

About the authors:
Simona Belotti and Brando Giannoni have more than 10 years of experience in the audiovisual domain. They both studied communication and photography. Roma, Milano, Barcellona, Paris, Sydney are some of the cities where they have been seen.

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Like a 70s Teen Idol

Like a 70s Teen Idol

Photographer: Francesco Italia Stylist: Stefano Guerrini  Makeup and hair:

Ddl Cirinnà: l’unione incivile del PD di Renzi.

Ddl Cirinnà: l’unione incivile del PD di Renzi.

Di Stefano Ciancio Foto: Pietro Carlino Foto di Copertina: Giacomo Cosua Il PD è

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