La Tuna Canyon Fire

[dropcap type=”1″]G[/dropcap]overnor Brown and Mayor Garcetti declared, at both a local and county level, a state of emergency. Approximately one hundred firefighters that had been sent to Texas to assist in flood relief were called back to California to help fight this fire. Flames spread over seven thousand acres in just three days, charing five homes and a few cars along the way. Luckily, no one was seriously injured. While most home residents obeyed the evacuation orders, some stayed put and decided to fight the fire themselves.

Ed, from Sunland, remained on site to battle it out. Nicholas and Mcabe noticed him dowsing a hill with a hose They approached him as he was one of the last people still in the neighborhood. Ed saturated the entire perimeter of his property with water. The wind kicked up flames over his hill and he jumped into action, racing towards the fire on his ATV. He created fire breaks by spinning his ATV in circles and separating the brush. His girlfriend had just left after begging him to do the same. Firefighters had also
been encouraging him to get out. He told Nicholas and Mcabe that his home was filled with items that could never be replaced, ‘stuff my old man left me.’ They asked him if he would consider gathering some of his things in case the fire got too close, but he had no idea were to start. Thankfully the wind didn’t continue blowing the fire over his hill and Ed was alright.

About the autors:
Dos Mentes, or “Two Minds” is a photo duo based out of Los Angeles, California. As story tellers they are drawn to unique cultures and have a passion for sharing these stories with the world. Photographers Nicholas Small and Mcabe Gregg began experimenting with collaborative photography after falling in love with medium and large format photography. As they continued to shoot and collaborate on projects, a large camera set up wasn’t always involved. They discovered that it wasn’t necessarily about the camera, it was how they interacted with each other and new subjects, in foreign environments.

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