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David Cooper, 22, originates from the Shetland Islands but moved to Glasgow in pursuit of ideal skate-spots. He became interested in 35mm photography at Christmas after being given an Olympus Trip 35 by his friend, and mentor, Benji. He watced a William Eggleston documentary, in which William walked around pointing and clicking, which inspired David to do the same to his friends. This is where his photography comes from.

Steve Messer, 21, originates from Wolverhampton and has lived in Bath for the last 4 years. Now moving to the South East, he is taking his passion for photography with him, which ignited on a trip around North America and Canada last summer. He has always relied on instinct to form photographs, having never stepped inside a studio space, and thinks this adds something to his composition.

In this collaborative project, Steve contacted David about possibly engaging in a double exposure project with him. David agreed, shot a roll of film and posted it to Steve. After shooting the roll (and a can of deodorant exploding in his bag) Steve developed the prints for the two to admire. The same effects could probably be achieved on Photoshop instantly, but they put in the effort and received fantastic results.






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