A Few Words With Mariam Sitchinava

edited by silvia conde (silvia.conde@positive-magazine.com)

photos by mariam sitchinava


Mariam Sitchinava doesn’t need an introduction. Her name is a synonym to nature and beauty. Without any formal education, she started photographing some years ago and in a very short time she became a reference on the Internet. From Tbilisi (Georgia) to the world, she shares her work on Flickr and Facebook. And it was because of this that she started to photograph professionally. Brands like Urban Outfitters quickly became aware of her talent and didn’t hesitate to contact her. From there on, she spends her time taking pictures. 




What do you do in life?
What do you like the most about it?
That I can depict my feelings and emotions.

Do you agree with those who say that every photo is art?
No, every photo isn’t art.

When was the first time you had a camera in your hands? 
When my boyfriend gifted me first camera, I had first big touch about 3 years ago.

Which other cameras do you have? 
I have many different cameras, but I mostly use Soviet cameras. I got them here, in Tbilisi.





Why would you say that you are so interested in analog photography?
Analog is very deep, with very beautiful colors. I love the mood it portrays.

You work does normally include women and nature, is there any special reason for that? What do you try to explain?
For me it’s very comfortable to convey my emotion with the help of women.

Your photos show a very special kind of beauty, how would you describe it?
I let you describe it.

Your book “Deep Moods” is a such a treasure, how did you come up wit the idea of creating it? 
I wanted to gather my photos and the way i came up is the book – selection of my works. Because photos were already shot the process didn’t take long.

I know you’re a reference for many people, which are your own references? 
I’m in love with classic movies and I’m watching from my mid-teen age. It’s always big inspiration for me.

How do you see your future? Do you have any plans on mind?
Yes, i do have some project ideas, which i’d like to make. it’s hard to plan further future.


Flickr: Mariam Sitchinava

Website: mariam.ge

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