It’s sentimental journey back to colors of 90’. After gaining independence from USSR in early nineties countries of Central Asia still look, live and evolve like 25 years before, in some places time just stopped at the very moment of political transformation. That makes it very similar to social environment in East Europe after political breakthrough in late eighties and beginning of the new era in nineties. Also showing how fast and wide was the evolution of social life in Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic – compared to Europe, Central Asia after almost 30 years still seams to be at the beginning of the road to fully independent modern country. The impact of USSR is still present in the cities like Bishkek, Osh, Aktobe especially in architecture and urbanization of the cities.

Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan are countries where most of the surface is dominated by nature. Wilderness of steppes in Kazakhstan, high mountains of Tajikistan and beautiful green hills and mountains of Kyrgyzstan shows what is the greatest and essential value of Central Asia – nature. Slow and simple life of nomads, far away from the pursuit of modernity of the modern world show us what is really important in our lives and what we really need for living – peace with nature.

Main goal of this photo project is to show things mentioned above in non direct way, with searching for abstraction, color and curiosity of Central Asia, compounded by finding similarities to slower and simple life in Europe back then in the nineties.

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Konrad Galan, born in 1985 in Zamość – Poland.  Currently living and working in Warsaw. Production Manager by profession, photographer by passion.

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