Today we premiere the new Autre & TIYG official video for their latest EP on Five Fold Records and to mark the occasion they’ve also prepared a cracking mixtape for your listening pleasure.

These three musicians met not in Brooklyn, Detroit or London but at Apartamento Studios in Marghera, (Venice, Italy) between Via dell’Elettricità and the ‘Fabbrica di Cereali’ or ‘Cereal Factory’ (yes, an actual breakfast cereal factory) for their first collaboration as a trio for Five Fold Records.
The windows of the studios looked out on vast silos of breakfast cereals while inside you would hear the sounds of artists like Joe Babylon, PassEnger, Chevel, Tommaso Cappellato, Piero Bittolo Bon, Paul Roth, Joe Rehner, Laurine, AD Bourke and many more… turning this little space rented by friends into a point of reference for the electronic music scene of the Venetian lagoon. Autre & TIYG are not new kids on the scene – they all have strong and varied musical backgrounds, from contemporary music to jazz and dancefloor tunes. It’s this captivating mix of styles that results in their first EP, Machina Electrica, as refreshing as a cool glass of water on a hot summer’s day.

Check it out here how to listen the whole disk!

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