Bucharest, the capital of Romania, has more than 500 years of history. The city is a mix of old and new, traditional and modern, in a neoclassical style that is showing originality and charm. In 2012, Bucharest ranked second among Europe’s “coolest” cities, according to a top published by the online magazine slate.fr, taking into account several criteria, such as the price of beer, the number of students and the number of neighborhoods where tourists and residents can have fun. But the city has another side to reveal.

At the bright light of day everything, as we walking around the old city of Bucharest, seems ordinary. But when the night falls, a slightly sense of grim rises in all over the place. It is the hour of the old legends to fill the cityscape with creepy mood. The most popular is about the ghosts of the dark streets. it is been said that every night, shadows of past inhabitants moving rapidly around the corners and disappearing under the burnt street lights. Some people are almost swear that they have seen entities like these on the streets. Some others are saying that it is very common thing the hearing of voices coming from the old, haunting ruins. Of course there are many people who found these ideas as nonsense. Despite this, ghost stories and dark legends continue to live on as an essential part of the city’s social body.

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John Stratoudakis studied Photography at the School of Applied Arts of Volos, Greece (2002) and he holds a Specialization in Photography from Michigan State University / Dept. of Art, Art History & Design (2016). Believing in life long education, he attends academic programmes on Cinema, Psychology and History of Arts in International Universities. Also he is undergraduate in Hellenic Open University / School of Humanities, Department of European Studies.

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