Cairo Today: 27/11 – Daily streaming by Stefano Carini

Photos by Stefano Carini, reporting for POSI+TIVE MAGAZINE from Cairo, Egypt

Tomorrow for Egypt is an historical day: the first “free and fair” parliamentary elections in the last 50 years will start in Cairo. Less than ten hours from the opening of the poles though the voting systems, already complex and confusing, is not clear yet, and things are still changing while people still struggle to know how, when and where to vote. Twitter and Facebook are once again essential resources to spread news on how to vote correctly. But the number of voters who have access to the a computer is not the majority, and they will have to find everything out once that they will be queuing in the streets.

In the meanwhile Tahrir is once again filled with flags and protesters who promise to keep the ground and continue to demonstrate against the military rulers. General Tantawi in the meanwhile rejected calls on the SCAF to step down, and claimed that foreign hands where behind the current turmoil.

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