Celebrating Nino Migliori’s Visionary Journey Through Photography

Discover the artistic evolution of renowned photographer Nino Migliori at the Aula Magna in Bologna on March 11, 2024. Join us for a fascinating exploration of his innovative approach to visual storytelling.
Nino Migliori, da “Lumen” Lo zooforo del battistero di Parma – Drago, 2006 © Fondazione Nino Migliori

On Monday, March 11, 2024, the Aula Magna of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna will serve as the stage for a remarkable event, titled “Nino Migliori: Experimentation as the Language of Possibility.” Commencing at 11:00 a.m., this gathering promises an insightful exploration into the artistic evolution of renowned photographer Nino Migliori, accompanied by contributions from esteemed figures Walter Guadagnini and Ascanio Kurkumelis.

The event aims to provide attendees with a comprehensive overview of Migliori’s oeuvre, spanning from the late 1940s to the contemporary era. Central to the discussion is the profound significance of experimentation within Migliori’s photographic language. By delving into his extensive body of work, participants will gain a deeper understanding of how Migliori’s innovative approach has shaped the realm of visual storytelling.

Of particular importance is the role played by the Nino Migliori Foundation in championing the artist’s research endeavors, both within Italy and on the global stage. This occasion serves as an opportunity to underscore the foundation’s vital contributions to the preservation and dissemination of Migliori’s legacy.

Since his debut in 1948, Nino Migliori has embarked on a captivating journey through European visual culture. His early works reveal a dual exploration of neorealistic photography and experimental techniques, showcasing a unique blend of narrative storytelling and material innovation. Migliori’s ability to seamlessly navigate between these two realms has established him as a trailblazer within the photographic landscape.

Notably, Migliori’s off-camera photographs have garnered international acclaim for their avant-garde aesthetic and profound conceptual depth. These works, situated within the broader context of European informalism, offer viewers a glimpse into the artist’s visionary perspective, often predating established trends within the art world.

Over the years, Migliori’s artistic practice has continued to evolve, embracing new materials and techniques such as polaroids and bleaching. By the late 1960s, his work had assumed conceptual dimensions, signaling a shift towards more abstract and introspective explorations of the medium.

At the heart of Migliori’s artistic ethos lies a steadfast commitment to experimentation and innovation. His visual productions are characterized by a keen sense of vision, inviting viewers to engage with themes of identity, memory, and perception. Through his work, Migliori challenges conventional notions of photography, pushing the boundaries of the medium to new and exciting heights.

Today, Nino Migliori stands as a true architect of vision, his legacy enshrined within the annals of art history. His works are held in esteemed public and private collections worldwide, a testament to the enduring impact of his artistic vision. As attendees gather to celebrate Migliori’s achievements, they are invited to embark on a journey through the rich tapestry of his photographic legacy, a testament to the enduring power of creativity and experimentation.

Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

Via delle Belle Arti, 54, Bologna

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