Circulation(s) Festival in Paris

Due from March to May, Circulation(s) Festival will take place in Paris at Centquatre and it will feature young photographers from all over Europe, who will use the festival as a springboard for their career.
Sound of silence © Rachael Woodson

After the incredible success of the 2017 edition at the CENQUATRE-PARIS, Circulation(s) festival returns for almost three months as a central exhibition of the Centquatre-Paris. Dedicated to young european photography, Circulation(s) festival offers for the sixth time a perspective of Europe through photography from different point of views. Its aim is to help the talents of young photographers become visible and to allow their contemporary and artistic creations to be discovered.

Aaron Drake, Medical Response Director, prepares stabilisation medications to be used during the initial stages of a cryopreservation. Alcor Life Extension Foundation, Scottsdale, Arizona. August 2009.
Once a cryonics patient is pronounced legally dead, the response team place them in a bath of ice to start cooling the body. An automated heart-lung machine is used to keep the cells of the patient’s organs and tissues alive and restore blood flow needed to administer anticoagulants and medications. It is very important these processes are carried out correctly, otherwise perfusion (blood washout) and vitrification (insertion of cryoprotectant) may not be possible.

The program is articulated around a selection of photographers chosen by a jury out of an international call for applications of guests photographers from art galleries and art schools and photographers being part of the godmother’s Susan Bright carte blanche. The exhibition, having succeeded to gather 50 european photographers, has decided to open this success once again to Little Circulation(s), a children’s exhibition, with a program and activities for a young audience, which goes from 5 years old to twelve.

Olga Vorobyova. «girl who used to be», 2017

Considered a space of creation and innovation, of experiences too, vibrating to the rythm of the modern world, the CENTQUATRE-PARIS, settled in the old parisian funerary house, is a welcoming place of life for artists and the public. Greeting today’s exciting artistic and cultural spontaneous expressions, the establishment welcomes all these proposals in a huge building made of six public spaces, research studios and representation spaces. For the sixth edition of the festival, the CENTQUATRE-PARIS remains a priviledged partner, hosting the exhibition for the third time within its walls, taking up all of the southern part of the building. The Aubervilliers hall, the Curial nave and the ateliers offer varied scenographic proposals with instalations, projections, exhibition, and much more.

Susan Bright is the festival’s godmother and she has worked in the art field for twenty years and has worked for innovative exhibitions, publications and programming specialising in how photography is made, disseminated and interpreted. She has curated exhibitions internationally at institutions including: Tate Britain, The National Portrait Gallery in London and The Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago amongst others.


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