Victor Rafael Gonzalez


Rio de Janeiro was the setting where Victor Rafael’s artistic career started. At the time, he worked on the integration of stage design, video and painting while studying architecture.

He later moved to the United States to complete Art Direction studies and after working in recognized advertising agencies as Creative Director, he decided to start Ad-diction, his own agency, in Puerto Rico where he know lives. His style is influenced by street photography, which represents the streets as a theater of human activity, where ordinary people become actors of a greater event called Life. In his most recent project, titled Come Inside, Victor Rafael gave the streets a quick rest and experimented with a new setting: the personal spaces of the people in the pictures. He captures the essence of specific individuals who let him come inside…into their private lives. Exhibitions of his work have been presented at museums, biennales and photography festivals in Puerto Rico, Canada and more recently in The Netherlands and Uzbekistan. Some of his work has been published in Shots, Photo Life and Photographer’s Forum, 2009 Best of Photography edition.










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