Marc Hendrick and Anna Lunoe, designers at DAS MONK have a lot to be happy about…

Edited by Max Hailwood, fashion editor UK for POSI+TIVE Magazine

Not only are the duo one of the fastest growing design studios in Australia, they are also gaining a cult following. This popularity and success is all down to their inherent sense of style and design and in part to their increasingly jaw-dropping collaborations with international and local designers.

Their newest design collaborations include Tim Laing, Sam Chirnside, Katie Gill and Alvvino. Each designer offers something new to the studio but out of these most recent collaborations, it is Melbourne based Tim Laing who makes the most impact. His designs for DAS MONK incorporate animals in a bizarre new way of looking at them. His ‘apple snake’ is an interesting mind teaser as well as the ‘strips of deer’.

For this journalist however, his hand with legs for fingers is his finest design. The oddness of the image is its most endearing feature, and its uniqueness makes it a sure fire hit for t-shirt donning cool kids everywhere.The aesthetic of DAS MONK is surely recession proof. Such individual and interestingly designed garments make a welcome change from the chain-clothes culture we are normally subjected to.

DAS MONK’s geometric style would fit in with the Chateaux Roux concept. A combination of quintessential quirkiness and effortless chic in a commercial world of bland clothing and even blander style. Coming in at around £40 for a t-shirt and £60 for the super cool foot hand jumper, DAS MONK provides the coolest clothes at attainable prices.

email: marc@dasmonk.com

website: www.dasmonk.com


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