Josefina Cervero

A mix of high fashion with uncompromising aesthetic standards.

Edited by Max Hailwood, fashion editor UK for POSI+TIVE Magazine

Chilean born Josefina has travelled halfway across the world to Barcelona in Catalonia, Spain. A lover of secrets and new locations, this young photographer has spent her life travelling and finding the new and interesting. A student of visual arts and photography, Josefina has built herself into a keen photographer and a lady with a sharp eye for fashion and more importantly style. Now based in Barcelona, with a Masters in film-making underway, Josefina continues to chase her passion of photography throughout the beauty of Catalonia’s capital. “I want you to feel it, to think about it in your own way, but to be able to feel it”

Josefina is a lover of photography in its most pure form, and she embraces the act of capturing an instant and turning it into a moment that last forever. “My eyes never sleep. Anything can be a moment, a photo, a scene, a memory.”

Speaking about Fashion photography, “Lately, I have become more interested in fashion photography and I’m speechless, I just love it” A big fan of Helmut Newton, Josefina really seems to have the spark of fashion photography, which in a world, overloaded with fashion photographer, stylists and creative, stands as an advantage, to have a skill that comes deep from within.

A mix of chav, preppy nerd and street hipster, the fashion of Cervero’s  ‘BoysBoysBoys’ photoshoot shines with the mood of Barcelona, the throw it together and wear it with confidence, underground fashion approach of the city. Individuality and confidence reign supreme in this evocative feature.

Able to capture mood and emotion effortlessly in her Barcelona street based photos, This is one photographer destined for great things. “I want to make photos for the rest of my life, to live from it, and create as much as I can, without limits. Right now, I’m living in Barcelona, but I’m interested in moving to Madrid or London someday.”

The sooner the better says this Journalist. London would be richer for you.



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