Eistnaflug, Iceland.

Photos by Julien Duval

Julien Duval is a 27 years old photo-reporter from France, based in Paris and He’s graduated in Geography.

Have you ever imagined a three day heavy metal festival located in the middle of nowhere and gathering thousands fans from all around?
The idea sounds surrealistic but it actually happens every year in Iceland, in a little fjord 700 kilometers far from Reykjavik. The event is called Eistnaflug and since 2004, the town of Neskaupstadur becomes the heavy metal capital for couple of days. People don’t hesitate to cross the country to live a unique experience and to listen to the best Icelandic bands.
ìEven though prizes in Iceland are rising up, people are still coming because this place is amazingî confesses Stefan Magnusson, the festival director. It is not the easiest task to put together a festival this far from Reykjavik but it is first of all the choice of the heart. A few years ago, Stefan invited friends to the fjord for partying and that is how the festival came about. After a few years Eistnaflug became more and more important. The first edition attracted only few hundred people. Now there are nearly 1500 people!
These photos describe the atmosphere of Eistnaflug festival and were taken at the last edition, from July 7th till 9th.

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