Fashion editorial by Fabio Gloor

Photography: Fabio Gloor
make up & hair: Michelle Oberholzer
styling: Florian Gassner
model: Zori K. @ time models


green army leather pants by BALMAIN
green jacket by S.SPIRIT
beige tank top with suspender print by S.SPIRIT
hat by S.SPIRIT
high heels stripes by CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN
golden panther PRIVATE

white oversize blouse with black necklace & silver snake pin by HAUTE HIPPIE |
black jumpsuit by G-STAR
hat by S.SPIRIT
high heels by H&M

washed out skinny jeans by HUDSON
white printed t-shirt by DIESEL
black waistcoat by DIESEL
printed scarf by DIESEL
studded walled by COMPANYS
silver necklace by COMPANYS
leather bracelet by LILO GLOOR
black leather glove PRIVATE

green destroyed t-shirt by BALMAIN
beige v-neck cardigan by LIMI FEU
metal studded glove by DIESEL

rhino skinny pants by GÖRTZ |
black magic jacket by FLORIAN GASSNER
black studded high heels by ZARA
bracelet by LILO GLOOR

Fabio Gloor was born in Switzerland. He started to retouch pictures for several photographers in his apprenticeship. He was doing internships and assisting jobs for many different photographers and is a student at a school for photodesign in Zurich. Besides all of that he is doing photography and retouching jobs for several clients, magazines and individuals. His specialty is the fashion and beauty photography…

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